Melusi S. Bengu is a storytelling shepherd with a passion for documenting and validating black experiences through the art form of film. born in Port Elizabeth and raised on the radio dramas of the 80’s that sparked his interest in storytelling, Malusi later moved to Johannesburg in his pre! teens and was exposed to the multifaceted south african society. This sparked the desire to not only tell our stories but to do so in a way that shapes black existence with a positive pen.

This led malusi to crafting a path in the tv & film industry that has seen him contribute to drama’s that speak to our shared experiences. He is a prolific writer and director who cut his teeth on series such as isibaya and jacob’s cross. he was the co!writer of the critically acclaimed inxeba. a film that premiered at the prestigious sundance and went to be shortlisted for the oscars. The film went on to win 19 awards worldwide.