Humans come with the rare ability to transmit and receive story, and from the normal that ancient man sat around that first fire ti make sense of whatmust have been a daunting day, and ti find his place in the universe, we have done so using story.

Story allowas us to structure the inifine down to a simple beginning, middle and end. The set up, the complication and resolution. Three simple and critical elements that have allowed us to make sense of what might been otherless senseless.

And from the fires of ancient ma, story became a cornerstone of ourhisory and existence because it allowed us to share our subjective aexperiences making it possible for individuals to connect into families, tribs, communities and societies with common interests.


Human value is in ideas and we express the magic of an idea with story. We see an idea as a seed of a ruth to be discovered and so, we do not merely develop an idea but we explore and discover the truth behind the spark.


"May you leave in interesting times." This is a blessing and a curse that today's society finds itself in and times like these demand a high level of consciousness from the modern storytellers. The stories we ell shape our existence and the Club is aware of is role as modern day storytellers in these times of change. #socialmessaging


TO affect positive social change through storytelling and indigineous digital design.


A culture that recognizes and honours the devine feminine creative energy.