“Human value is in ideas and we express the magic of an idea with story. We see an idea as a seed of a truth to be discovered and so, we do not merely develop an idea but we explore and discover the truth behind the spark. And it is this truth that people need to experience with all their senses.” Malusi S. Bengu - Founding Member.

Writers’ Club

The Writers Club aims to nurture the seed of storytelling by developing the writers voice both technically and creatively through script workshops headed by the award-winning script writer, Malusi S. Bengu, co-writer of Inxeba.

Writers Club Academy

The Academy is focused on the transfer of skills and development of young writers so they are better prepared for the film and TV industry. These young, up and coming writers are trained under a specialized writing program developed by Malusi S. Bengu.

Virtual Writers’ Club

In today’s digital world a club expands beyond its mere analogue four walls to reach people in different regions and time zones creating a worldly virtual-writers-club.